10 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10

When taking screenshots, the programmer should provide access to the hardware, leaving the task of how to use the hardware to applications. Thus, a driver is flexible if it allows access to hardware without restrictions. Sometimes, however, some restrictions must apply.

A Standard Way of Creating Screenshots

The standard way of how to screenshot on hp laptop can be making a program following the next steps:

  • You can configure the program to take a snapshot only of the inner area of the active window, i.e. without external frames).
  • The ability to edit screenshots immediately after creation. The following tools are provided: a brush for drawing, an eraser, an overlay of graphic objects – arrows, and text overlay.
  • Copying a screenshot to the clipboard immediately after shooting / editing, as well as 2 options for quick saving – on the desktop or in a specified folder.
  • The ability to automatically upload a snapshot to the “” server with the creation of a link for viewing it by everyone to whom it will be transferred. It is possible to write a comment on the uploaded image. The program also keeps a local (on a computer) log of screenshots uploaded to the server.
  • Quick setting of the quality of the resulting images (images are saved in JPG format).
  • Reconfiguration of hotkeys for program control.

However, programs can degrade the performance of your computer not only by consuming CPU resources but also at the expense of RAM and/or hard disk/SSD resources. In the Task Manager application, you can view these options as well. It is enough to sort the list of processes by the value of memory and/or disk resource consumption.

Screenshots on Windows 10 by 10 Ways

Standard Windows tools cannot be automated, for example, so that screenshots are uploaded to the cloud storage immediately after creation, sent to the mail, opened in the editor for quick editing, etc. To solve such problems, take a look at our recommendations:

  1. ScreenShooter is distributed free of charge.
  2. Create a screenshot of the entire screen or a selected area, as well as a separate window.
  3. Configuring hotkeys for taking pictures in each of the three modes separately.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts: Alt + Shift + 1 (screenshot);
  5. Alt + Shift + 2 (screenshot);
  6. Alt + Shift + 3 (window screenshot).
  7. Instead of pressing a combination, you can use the program icon in the tray.
  8. Can be configured to automatically save screenshots by going to the program settings.
  9. Go to the “Hotkeys” tab in the settings.
  10. You can also save the screenshot to disk or send it to the server without preliminary editing.

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